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With McClary, Swift & Co. you are our client, not a number. The U.S. import process can be a complex maze. You want up-to-date and knowledgeable people on your side. We provide thirty-five years of experience to help you smoothly navigate Customs clearance.

Whether you need a single entry bond or represent diversified supply chains, we provide hands-on, personalized service.

Tell us what you want to import. We guide you through the process.

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Our Services

Online Tracking for U.S. Customs Clearance

Our staff promptly prepares your entry requests. Once processed, entries are tracked on our website under the “PAPS Lookup Tool.” Our focus on efficiency and compliance helps ensure shipments clear Customs as quickly as possible.

Temporary Import Bonds

Going to a trade show? Find out if your goods qualify for duty-free treatment. We can let you know if the temporary import bond program will be cost-effective.

In-Transit Bonds

Need to move your goods across the border and clear Customs at another port of entry, or have them exported to a third country? We manage that process for you.

Country of Origin

Your product may be eligible for preferential tariff treatment under various trade agreements depending on its country of origin. We determine the correct country of origin of your products, answer your questions about proper marking, or determine product eligibility for multiple trade agreements such as NAFTA. 

Compliance Reviews and Audits

We provide a spectrum of compliance reviews and audits to help you streamline the preparation of your import documentation and/or improve your shipping practices.

This includes mentoring companies to establish and maintain an in-house compliance program, assisting importers applying for C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership against Terrorism), or even an onsite visit for a comprehensive customs compliance audit.

Smooth and Efficient U.S. Imports

We confirm the entry of goods and help ensure all tax, duties, and government fees are calculated and paid properly.

Boat Importation – Personal and Commercial

We know first-hand what it takes to clear your boat most efficiently and can offer advice on importing a boat for personal or commercial use. We can direct you to a delivery skipper, marine parts, and service centers throughout the Puget Sound.

Private Aircraft Clearances

We expertly guide you through the Customs clearance process for your private plane.

USMCA Verification and Compliance

Many Canadian-made goods qualify for duty-free treatment under USMCA.  If your products qualify as “originating goods” we can advise how to take advantage of duty-free treatment under USMCA.  

Binding Ruling Requests

We assist in drafting binding ruling requests, obtaining rulings, or appealing unfavorable initial classifications.

Single Entry Bonds and Continuous Bonds

We underwrite both continuous and single entry bonds. We monitor your bond for sufficiency and can update it if you change your name and/or address by filing a bond rider, even if your bond was originally filed by another broker.

Tariff Classification

Your tariff classification determines the duty rate of a product and affects your bottom line. We advise you on the correct tariff classification for your U.S. imports.


Our experts understand what factors affect proper valuation, and which method of appraisement to apply according to your specific circumstances.

Specific Product Requirements

Besides U.S. Customs regulations, your products may need to meet the guidelines of agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Federal Communications Commission. We help determine admissibility requirements for any products subject to these agencies.

Post Entry Services

We pride ourselves on our attention to each client. This is true before, during, and after the arrival of your imports. When needed we prepare Post Entry Amendments or assist with Protests. We help you follow up on liquidation issues or respond to formal Requests for Information.

Any Port of Entry: We handle all aspects of Customs clearance at any port of entry throughout the U.S., whether your goods arrive by land, sea, or air.

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